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Climate Chats Episode 001 - Martha Molfetas

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By the end of March 2020, the Research and Transfer Centre "Sustainability and Climate Change Management" will be organizing a worldwide online climate conference, CLIMATE 2020. We will invite presenters, organizers and partners of the conference on to the Climate Chats podcast for quick chats around their fields of expertise. The first guest in this series is Martha Molfetas:

Martha Molfetas is the Executive Director & Founder of Impact Human, an environmental justice outreach education NGO based in New York City. She’s also a Policy Researcher, Strategist, Writer and Consultant on climate, security, development, and resource issues. Impact Human uses photography, interviews, and policy research to educate the public on human rights and environmental injustices faced by communities coping with climate change and pollution. Impact Human believes stories have the power to change perspectives and inspire action, that stories can bridge the gap between understanding and action.

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**Additional Info on Impact Human’s projects that highlight sea level rise: **

Sandy: A Retrospective - Five years after Sandy struck the NYC-metro area, Impact Human interviewed people who were directly affected and who participated in early aid efforts. Their stories highlight some of the damage wrought by Sandy, against Impact Human’s own investigation into what the city and state are doing to buttress New York's low-lying areas from future storm surges.

Miami Sea Level Rise - Miami Beach is taking drastic measures to adapt to rising seas, but the rest of Dade County is far behind. In Impact Human’s first project, they test the waters to gauge if people are connecting the dots between sunny day flooding and climate change; while highlighting some of the solutions being implemented to save this fragile city from a future uncertain.

Displacement in Dar es Salaam - Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) policies gone wrong. In anonymised interviews (for the protection of those affected), Impact Human shares the stories of families forced to leave their homes in Dar's floodplains; with the local government painting red 'X's on homes; very few are given alternative housing; the majority find themselves homeless. Those residing in these areas are among the poorest in Dar.


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